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Keith Lowe is a writer and historian, whose works have been translated into twenty languages worldwide.


His latest book, The Fear and the Freedom, is a groundbreaking exploration of the many consequences of the Second World War around the world. How did the war affect our politics, economics, science and technology? How did it influence our philosophies, our art, and our architecture? And most importantly, how did the memory of the bloodshed change the way we think about ourselves?


“a testament to the convoluted, contradictory and, in Lowe’s hands, thoroughly compelling impact of the bloodiest war in human history”

Sunday Times (London)

“This is an important book, impossible to summarise, profound in its humanity, bold in its confrontation of sacred myths. “The war” is still with us, not in a Cenotaph sense, but because it shaped almost all of us alive since 1945 with a certain understanding – some of it accurate, some of it self-serving, some of it self-protective – about how the world functions. It has served us surprisingly well, but it needs to be understood for what it is. Believing a mythology knowing that it is a mythology is the greatest freedom. Believing it to be simple truth is a delusion.”
– The Herald (Glasgow)

“a very fine work of history” Literary Review

“a masterpiece” – Daily Telegraph (London)










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