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Keith Lowe is a writer and historian, whose works have been translated into twenty languages worldwide.


His latest book,Prisoners of History, is a ground-breaking and controversial look at our monuments and what they mean to us. If they are symbols of our history, then whose history do they represent? And if they are built to remind us of the values that made us who we are,then what happens when those values change over time?


Written at a time when statues around the world were being torn down by both governments and protesters, this is a timely look at some of the world’s most important symbols of our collective past.


“inspired… Lowe’s sensitive, disturbing book should be compulsory reading for both statue builders and statue topplers.”

Max Hastings , Sunday Times

“Some of the most thought-provoking writing about the Second World War that I have read for a long while” – Spectator


“a very fine work of history” – Daily Mail











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